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    1. Дозволяється використовувати тільки один акаунт на людину і ПК. Якщо на одному ПК грає більше однієї людини, потрібно зв'язатися з адміністрацією.

    2. Спільне використання і / або продаж акаунтів - заборонені.

    3. Заборонено використання багів, а також будь-які види злому гри.

    4. Використання модів - допустимо, але тільки на ваш страх і ризик. Винятком є моди, які будь-яким чином впливають на ігровий процес.

    5. Використання макросів для заточування предметів / гри в автоматах - допустимо, але тільки на свій страх і ризик. Будь-які інші макроси - заборонені.

    6. Будь-які принизливі, расистські, сексистські або вульгарні повідомлення - заборонені на будь-яких платформах пов'язані з Sky-Fighter. Порушення правила спричинять наслідки. Правило також поширюється на нікнейми персонажів.

    7. Єдиний допустимий мову, дозволений в чаті для лідера, військовому і міжнародному чатах - англійська.

    8. Повідомлення пов'язані з торгівлею допускаються тільки в торговому чаті.

    9. Заборонено видавати себе за адміністрацію Sky-Fighter або видавати себе за нього.

    10. Заборонено рекламувати що-небудь на будь-яких платформах пов'язаних зі Sky-Fighter.

    11. Необхідно прислухатися до прохань адміністрації.

    12. Випрошування у адміністрації ігрових переваг / знижок - може спричинити наслідки.

    13. Якщо є сумніви, чи було порушення правил: остаточне рішення приймає адміністрація.

    14. Правила можуть бути змінені. Про зміни буде оголошено, але гравці зобов'язані регулярно перевіряти наявність змін.

    15. При кожному вході в гру або при знаходженні на будь-якій платформі пов'язаної зі Sky-Fighter - користувач погоджується з правилами і несе повну відповідальність за свій аккаунт.

    Date: 13.04.2021

    - Reduced Tax when submitting items to the Trade Center to 0.5% (was 4%)
    - Reduced Tax when taking money from sold items in the Trade Center to 3% (was 5%)
    - Reduced AG Shield Paralyze duration to 20 seconds (was 30 seconds)
    - Reduced the HP of Laboratory Container in NGC Marine Laboratory significantly
    - Increased the HP of Eater in Floating Lake
    - Increased the HP of Death Worm in Lost Oasis
    - Reduced respawn duration of monsters in Hidden Space Station
    - Reduced respawn duration of monsters in G-ARK Exploration
    - Goldie monsters can now also spawn from stationary monsters

    Date: 12.04.2021


    - Added a notification when sold an item on the Trade Center successfully

    - Improved the Trade Center Item Search

    -- Search is more precise

    -- Can search for specific Fixes now

    - Increased amount of saved chat messages

    - Boss Radar now shows the channel a boss is spawning in

    - Faved items cannot be sold directly anymore

    - Changed the position of the MG Skill "Release" in the Skill-List

    - Texture Quality cannot be changed outside the city any more (restart required)

    - When appointing a Subleader the character need to accept it first


    - Fixed an issue in the damage calculation prioritizing Min/Max Damage and causing Defense Gears receiving more damage as intended.

    -- Caused Defense Gears to almost never receive 1 Damage Hits even when the opponent wasn't pierce-skilled.

    - Fixed Lagbombing exploit

    - Fixed an exploit allowing to move during rolling

    - Fixed an exploit regarding teleports during mothership

    - Fixed an issue where the timer for remaining SP time didn't refresh

    - Fixed the model height of other characters in the City

    - Fixed issues where Debuff didn't disappear completely

    - Fixed a crash of the Game Launcher

    - Fixed an issue where AG couldn't attack when they entered Air Siege

    - Fixed an issue of the Inactivity detection

    - Fixed an issue where not-trashable items could be trashed

    - Fixed an issue where the System Message windows content went invisible

    - Fixed an issue where Bazaar Log stopped updating when full

    - Fixed an issue causing specific Radar Range buffs being ignored after login

    - Fixed an issue of the Discord integration causing it to lose caching

    - Fixed an issue where the User Amount couldn't be set when creating an Arena Room

    - Fixed the sorting by Level in the Brigade User List

    - Fixed an issue when appointing a Subleader

    - Fixed an issue where nobody to receive a reward in specific situations when killing a Boss

    - Fixed a crash when loading monster on map


    - Increased Monster Spawn density in Hidden Space Station

    - Added 5 new Goldie-Monsters to Hidden Space Station

    -- Containing identical Drops as Brog Uruk from Barrenland

    - Increased Monster Spawn density in G-ARK Exploration

    - Added 5 new Goldie-Monsters to G-ARK Exploration

    -- Containing identical Drops as Brog Uruk from Barrenland

    - AG can now roll after Air Siege by having A/D buttons pressed while cancelling the Skill

    - Cannot use the b-enter state while rolling

    -- Also prevents to change equipment during rolling

    - Enabled Skillmatch Mode in Arena

    -- Fight against others with precreated gears

    - Boss Monster now spawn randomized instead of fix timed

    - Everyone is guaranteed to get at least one Trophy of Bosses if enough damage was made


    - Shield for Nation Leader now grants 5.000 Shield and 5.000 Energy (was 10.000 Shield before)

    - Added Shield for Nation Subleader 1 which grants 3.000 Shield and 3.000 Energy

    - Added Shield for Nation Subleader 2 which grants 2.000 Shield and 2.000 Energy

    - Evasion Up and Defense Up are now cancelled when changing Armors

    - When changing equipment cancelled skills cannot be reused for 5 seconds

    - MG Release Skill cannot be used to remove PVP Debuffs anymore

    - Decrease MG Release Skill to 20 seconds (was 1 minute)

    - BG invisibility block during PVP decreased to 1 second (was 5 seconds)

    - Added AG camouflage block during PVP for 1 second

    - Added an additional 4% Tax when submitting items to the Trade Center

    -- Purpose is to reduce the item spam with unreasonable pricing


    - Removed multiple Hologram Card of small monsters

    - Added "Dual Safeguard of the Gods (5H)" to Donate Shop

    Date: 01.04.2021

    - Fixed takeoff from A/B City when moving to mission map.

    - Prepared upcoming Easter Event
    - Started a limited 24 Hour HyperFix-E14-Weapon-Giveaway for everyone joining Sky-Fighter

    Date: 09.03.2021

    - A-Gear Barrier Skill does not reset cooldown after death.

    Date: 11.03.2021

    - Spawn-Protection now only occurrs when a user respawns on a map with SP being active and having the same nation as the map (or if it is a Double SP)

    - Debuffs from Monsters are now correctly removed when expiring or cleaned with release

    Date: 12.03.2021

    - AG Fire Shot Min/Max Damage reduced by 3%
    - AG Air Siege Min/Max Damage increased by 3%
    - AG Barrier runtime decreased by 3 seconds

    Date: 24.03.2021

    - AG Fire Shot Min/Max Damage reduced by 6%
    - AG Snare Shot cooldown increased to 3 minutes
    - AG Shield Paralyze cooldown increased to 5 minutes

    - BG Advanced Tackle Veil V1 Defense increased by 2%

    - Nation Leader Brigade Buffs for owning Outposts were been adjusted to the same bonus as Outpost Owners have

    Date: 08.03.2021

    - Adding DPI Awareness allowing players who use windows scaling to decide if their game should be upscaled by the OS or not (Check info button for further information)

    - Tweaked Partner Skill placing into Skill Socket
    - Pet Socket rectable sizes (for inserting) fixed
    - Market/Ranking/Listbox selected item is now shown in Bold
    - Changed Trade Center message boxes when registering items for easier double checking.

    - AGs cannot initiate landing when hovering over a monster
    - AGs cannot place on the "ground" of maps without ground like Chaos and Fantasy flow.
    - Hypergambles are now tradeable
    - Increased Conquest Core Warpoint reward
    - When a downgrade fails it wont go down 2 enchant anymore in special conditions.
    - Added Infinity Field Drop auto accept option (Misc Category)

    - Added Stat Change Card to Donate Shop
    - Moved Stat Reset Card and Part Reset Card to Part Shop
    - Added combined charms (5H) to Donate Shop
    - Added fallback to base resolution if selected resolution is not available
    - Fixed Leader Election List
    - Fixed Crashes when using Textboxes
    - Fixed Hackshield false positives
    - Fixed Tradecenter responsiveness
    - Fixed Tradecenter auctionlist
    - Fixed Whisperchat scrollwheel area
    - Fixed character caching update when relogging
    - Fixed font refresh on update
    - Fixed PET Socket spam causing various issues
    - Added missing Level check of warp portals
    - Fixed Crashes when inserting items to Trade Center or Laboratory
    - Tradecenter keeps enchantcount when equiptment was sold
    - Fixed HP Balance Bar when relogging into a map with NGC SP or CC
    - Fixed Blessing of Deca regeneration
    - Attempt to fix dead formations
    - Fixed Mission Master rewards
    - Fixed Tradecenter max enchant filter

    - Remastered the remaining Music/Voice tracks

    - Tweaked Leader Election Discord Notification

    Date: 24.02.2021

    - Doubled Brigade size for Membership Leaders (Regular 60 Slots instead of 30 Slots)
    - Reduced maximum Brigade size from 300 to 200
    - Infinity Field max group size incrased from 6 to 10

    - Fixed Debuff/Dot related Network issue
    - Fixed various Skill/Debuff usage behaviours
    - Fixed an rare situation where debuffs/purify could be resisted
    - Fixed the "memory corruption" warning in the 32x client version
    - First levelup reward capsules are now moveable between gears
    - Gear Lock will now drop after death
    - Fixed the incomplete Formationlist
    - Fixed Warp refresh when finishing missions
    - Fixed Usercounter in the discord #📊stats channel