• Official Post

    Date: 23.06.2021


    - Added 4th Frontbase War: Sodom

    - Added new Maps:

    -- Secret Base

    -- NGC Military Hangar

    -- Sodom

    -- Hazle Research Center

    --- Monsters may drop 30%-50% Enchant Chance Cards

    - Improved Sound Engine

    -- Added Option to Mute Background Music

    --- Added Shortcut CTRL+M to toggle Background Music

    -- Added Option to Mute Sound Effects

    --- Added Shortcut CTRL+N to toggle Sound Effects

    -- Added Option to set the amount of Sound Channels

    --- Users can now set the maximum amount of sounds played simultaneously based on their computers performance

    --- Sound crackling issues can be stopped by changing this option


    - Fixed an issue causing a crash of the Arena Server during logout of users

    - Fixed rendering specific types of effects

    - Fixed an issue where the running time of NGC SPs is not marked red in specific condition

    - Fixed an issue where hologram card may cause sound spam when having the inventory opened

    - Fixed an issue where the movement animation of players in the city stopped too late

    - Fixed the incorrect highlighting of elements on the NGC Marine Laboratory Minimap


    - Change Outpost cycle time to 12 days

    -- Changed Outpost times so all 3 days one outpost will appear

    - Improved the gear synchronisation and lag compensation

    -- Predict movement for players with throttling network


    - Tweaked and adjusted the target elements when locking into a Monster

    -- Ensure centered position of all elements of the Monster Lock-On UI

    -- Ensure correct scaling with based on FOV

    - Quest objectives like Kill/Drop are now marked green when completed

    - Quest objectives like Kill/Drop are now shown above a monster if it's a target for this quest

    - Added "Collect All" button to the "My Item" Tab of the Trade Center

    - Reload/Search buttons of the Trade Center is now shown disabled during the interaction timeout

    - Reload button of the Return Auction is now shown disabled during the interaction timeout