• Official Post

    Date: 07.05.2021


    - Reward of Phillon

    -- Now granted unlimited times per day

    -- Adjusted Rewards


    - Improved Iteminfo Text management


    - Disabled Ingame Nation % Tooltip


    - Increased Rewards for winning and participating on Strategic Point

    - Increased Rewards for winning and participating on Mothership

    - Decreased Legendary Edrill Pierce to -10% (was 0%)

    - Edrill are now only usable by IG

    - Increased Big Smash Reattack Time to 490ms (was 450ms)

    - Possible frontbase times set to 18:00, 19:00 and 20:00 o'clock

    - Increased Mothership Teleporter HP


    - Fixed an issue causing MG not receiving fragments from formationmember Kills in specific formation setups

    - Fixed an issue causing assist kills not to be granted in specific situations

    - Conflict Maps are now initalized correctly with nation leader election

    - Fixed an issue caused in incorrect bullet/rocket destroy height in maps with water

    - Fixed an issue allowed to COH players on restricted maps

    - Fixed an issue where subleaders could not use specific items

    - ModConverter is now requesting admin permission to ensure write-permissions


    - Conquest Core War finish instantly if all cores are owned by the same nation

    - Brigade COH Cards are now disabled on Maps with Strategic Point or Mothership

    - Decreased skill delay from changing equiptment to 2 seconds (was 5 seconds)

    - Disabled Elite-Skills in FFA Maps

    - Disabled Hologram Cards in FFA Maps

    - Disabled Leader Buffs in FFA Maps

    - Cannot wear Leader Shields in FFA Maps


    - Decreased Condensed Kit prices in Killmark Shop to 1 Killmark (was 2 Killmark)