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    - Nation Balance System

    -- Dynamic Nation strenght calculation all 30 Minutes

    -- Provides scaled PVP-Buff for the inferior Nation

    -- Killing SP level 11 and higher provides a victory PVP-Buff for the stronger Nation


    - Overworked Formation System

    -- New Formation System Messages

    -- Additional checks of Formation Flight Mode

    - Overworked Interface Initalization

    - Improved Multithreading of 3D Model Loading

    - Overworked Skill System

    - Improved several internal systems

    - Removed several deprecated parts and cleanup

    - Improved Network handling of several Packets

    - Overworked 3D Model Management

    - Improved Memory Management

    - Improved Dissolution System

    - Improved Image Network Transfer

    - Improved Loading system on Mapchange


    - "Charged Protectors" cannot be target from the own nation.

    - Fixed several server issues/crashes

    - Fixed several client issues/crashes

    - Fixed Formation Skill description

    - Fixed multiple memory leaks

    - Fixed a clientside issue not refreshing HP/DP/SP/EP

    - Fixed a render issue in the Select Mode

    - Fixed a multithreading issue resulting in crashes

    - Fixed an issue blocking the Formation Flight

    - Fixed an issue where engine stats were been not refreshed correctly

    - Fixed an issue when using charms in specific conditions

    - Fixed usage of Gamma/Contrast settings

    - Fixed Object rendering when Hologram Card is active

    - Fixed Formation Damage sharing

    - Fixed a issue where the wrong Damage Value is shown as calculated

    - Fixed notification when entering Infinity Field

    - Whisper chat messages are now wrapped correctly

    - Main chat text is now highlighted when selected

    - No channel request anymore when only one Channel is available

    - Fixed issue where Contour Collection could not be updated

    - Fixed an issue where Item Icons are shown too small in specific conditions

    - Fixed several object generation and destroy

    - Fixed Auction Center initalization

    - Fixed Auction Center Currency Image Position

    - Fixed an issue where Enchanted Items disappear in specific conditions

    - Fixed the towning behaviour on relogging on specific maps

    - Fixed the shops in "Ash Lane"

    - Fixed an issue where hyper fixes are shown with white color in specific conditions

    - Fixed usage of skills with doubleclick

    - "Reduce Damage" Skill is now affected on the visual damage output


    - Formation Skills are now given with 6 or more players in a formation flight

    - Nation/Brigade COH cannot be used on players which are in fight

    - "Reduce Damage" Skill Effect is now split into primary and secondary weapon

    - "Air Bombing Mode" has now 80% Shield Reduce Ignore effect


    - Increased Main Chat Size

    - Fixed "Auction Finish" Message

    - Worldranking is now closing on takeoff

    - Throwing away a Enchanted Equiptment is now shown in red text

    - Overworked Item Name generation


    - Added "Character Name Change Card" to "Warpoint Shop" and "Donate Shop"


    - Overworked Formation System Messages

    - Tweaked Ping Frequency

    - Dead and falling Monsters collides now with 3d Models