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    1 - Разрешается использовать только один аккаунт на человека и ПК. Если на одном ПК играет более одного человека, требуется связаться с администрацией.

    2 - Совместное использование и/или продажа аккаунтов - запрещены.

    3 - Запрещено использование багов, а также любые виды взлома игры.

    4 - Использование модов - допустимо, но только на ваш страх и риск. Исключением являются моды, которые как-либо влияют на игровой процесс.

    5 - Использование макросов для заточки предметов/игры в автоматах - допустимо, но только на свой страх и риск. Любые другие макросы - запрещены.

    6 - Любые уничижительные, расистские, сексистские или вульгарные сообщение - запрещены на любых платформах связанные с Sky-Fighter. Нарушение правила повлекут за собой последствия. Правило также распостраняется на никнеймы персонажей.

    7 - Единственный допустимый язык, разрешенный в чате для лидера, военном и международном чатах - английский.

    8 - Сообщения связанные с торговлей допускаются только в торговом чате.

    9 - Запрещено выдавать себя за администрацию Sky-Fighter или выдавать себя за него.

    10 - Запрещено рекламировать что-либо на любых платформах связанных со Sky-Fighter.

    11 - Необходимо прислушиваться к просьбам администрации.

    12 - Выпрашивание у администрации игровых преимуществ/скидок - может повлечь последствия.

    13 - Если есть сомнения, было ли нарушения правил: окончательное решение принимает администрация.

    14 - Правила могут быть изменены. Об изменениях будет объявлено, но игроки обязаны регулярно проверять наличие изменений.

    15 - При каждом входе в игру или при нахождении на любой платформе связанной со Sky-Fighter - пользователь соглашается с правилами и несет полную ответственность за свой аккаунт.



    Version: ->


    - On the Fly


    - On the Fly


    - Several Threading improvements

    - Several Algorithm Improvements


    - Consistent Ally/Enemy Mark usage on Map Scanner



    Version: ->






    - Adding "/Countdown [Second]" command for Leader/Staff

    -- Automatically starts a countdown on the same map such as all linked maps e.g. for gate rushs

    - Adding "/CountdownAll [Second]" command for Leader/Staff

    -- Similar to the other, but on all maps except cities

    - Adding "/Countdownstop" command for Leader/Staff

    -- Aborts running countdown

    - Gears on war-maps have a dead notification with a 30 second timer

    - Gears being AFK outside of town for more than 2 hours will get disconnected

    - Users Killcount on Monster/Gears are now cached up to 30 minutes

    - Assist Kill

    -- WP is shared with all participants

    -- Killmark is rewarded to the one with killing shot

    - Collision Damage is now applied during PVP

    -- The recent attacker gets the kill if died of collision


    - Added several Improvements

    - Improved Server Infrastructure

    -- Overworked Server Object Handling like Monsters/Users

    - Further improvement of Threading and Synchronisation

    - Overworked Server Database communication

    -- New threading/synchronisation approaches

    -- New validation/errorhandling

    - Improved Random Generator

    - Ensure usage of STD functions

    - Removed several unused functions

    - Improved Collision Checks for rockets

    - Overworked Effect/Object management

    - Automatic Detection/Validation of on-the-fly Patches

    - Overworked usage of several DirectX Types

    - Overworked Object Synchonisation approaches

    - Improved Animation Timing Algorithm

    - Improved Character Model management


    - Overworked Network System

    -- Using new Cryption Techniques

    -- Using crypted Session Key Exchange

    -- Improved handling of multiple messages

    -- Overworked Opcode Management

    - Replaced Algorithms behind several Hashing/Crypting functions

    - Tweaked Sky-Fighter Hackshield


    - Fixed several bugs/crashes

    - Fixed Return Auction System

    - Fixed trading of specific item kinds/counts

    - Empty whisper messages wont trigger a Notification anymore

    - Fixed Mass-COH

    - Fixed repeated primary shot in specific condition

    - Fixed startposition on Tutorial Map

    - Fixed an crash at specific condtions of the inventory

    - Fixed an truncation issue of the chat

    - Fixed Whisper Chat minimize button

    - Fixed mail reading

    - Fixed Anisotropic Level at Low Quality

    - When changing the map, user of previous map wont be seen anymore incorrectly.

    - Improved/cleaned Skill management

    - Fixed an issue of target skills

    - Warehouse Scrollbar position fixed after changing resolution

    - Fixed Trade Center shown remaining time

    - Fixed Sp recovery when statting spirit

    - Fixed camera movement at takeoff

    - Fixed a bug where Skill Socket usage could cause a crash

    - Users will now instantly see spawning monsters on a new booting Monster Server

    - Fixed Sound spam on multitarget skill

    - Fixed a issue where monsters warp through the map with incorrect model

    - Fixed an exploit allowing to move during Rolling

    - Ranking is rendered correctly after resolution change


    - Return Auction / Market Center will show now correct Itemnames

    - P.E.T.s Sockets are now currently rendered

    - Inventory Item Amounts are now shorten

    -- -> 1B

    -- 1.000.000 -> 1M

    -- 1.000 -> 1K

    - Ensure correct usage of all 6 gear-stats in Select/Create/Info Window

    - Create Gears now with Enter Key

    - Improved handling of messages / timed messages

    - Level/SkyLevel are now correctly updated in the Brigade Infos


    - Improved Water Texture generation/usage


    - Booster is correctly starting/ending it's sound effect during boost.

    - Using newest Windows SDK

    - Using new Compiler

    - Using new Cryption Software



    Version: ->






    - Stat Decrease Function

    -- only usable in town

    -- only for lv 1 to 124

    - Improved Launcher

    -- Now stays active when server is in maintenance

    -- Will notify the user if server gets active

    -- User-Counter get refreshed regulary

    -- Remove Pirority Process Option

    -- Simplified Mode selection into one dropdown box

    - Adding "Internet" ping next to "Server" Ping Tooltip

    -- will ping a server nearby players city

    --- Indicates local internet connection stability

    - Adding On-The-Fly Reload Support to several Server Systems

    - Overworked Reattack System

    -- Reattack is now System and FPS independend

    --- Every weapons shots now as intended

    -- Overworked Attack Animation handling


    - Improved several modules

    - Improved Quest loading

    - Overworked Threading

    -- Improved Threading communication

    - Overworked Network Paket Management

    - Support Conformant C++

    - Support SDL C++

    - Overworked alot of systems with C++17 programming style

    - Improved Shop/Warp-Shop content handling

    - Improved String generation on several Client Elements

    - Improved synchronisation at 3d objekt loading

    - Overworked Cryption System

    - Overworked Hashing System

    - Improved Effect Loading

    - Overworked Server 3D Collision handling/calculation


    - Fixed several bugs

    - Fixed several memory leaks

    - Fixed several deadlock issues

    - Fixed several multithreading issues

    - Fixed a memory corruption at a specific Interface interaction

    - Fixed a refresh issue of the Skillbar when changing items

    - Fixed the factory probability calculation at specific conditions

    - Fixed a issue at loading/reloading Quests

    - Fixed a client synchronisation Issue at login in specific conditions

    - Fixed Name Color usage in Leader Chat

    - Fixed Gear Speed during start at specific conditions

    - Fixed Quest-Monster-Kill share in formations

    - Fixed ItemInfo position at resolution change

    - Fixed Chat and Chat Filter handling

    - Fixed Skill Cancel if execution failed

    - Toggle skills wont get stuck anymore in specific conditions

    - Fixed Warp-Shop Position and handling areas

    - Fixed Kit usage in the IF/Arena at specific conditions

    - Fixed a visual issue where wrong stats were been calculated

    - Fixed an issue where target skills can be stuck in specific conditions


    - Warp Shop can now be selected with double click

    - Formation List shows now the location on mouse-overlay


    - Tweaked Network Compensation System

    - Improved Client Gear synchronisation

    - Increase Client shooting-direction refresh-rate

    - Booster time get reduced correctly during boosting trigger

    - Supply Shop has "Auto" set On by default

    - Formation Create has "Open Formation" set On by default

    - Formation Create has a random formation flight set by default

    - Crystal Order is now randomized each month

    - Increase/Decrease 5 stats at once by alt+click

    - Increase/Decrease 10 stats at once by ctrl+click


    - Increased B-Gear "Damage Reduce" Skill Standard up to 45%

    - Increased "Pride of Sky" Min/Max Damage up to 600~740

    - Increase "Charged Shot" cooldown up to 30 seconds


    - Added "NGC Weapon Capsule" to the "Part Shop"

    - Added "NGC Weapon Capsule" to the "Donate Shop"

    - Added "WP Item Capsule" to the "Donate Shop"

    - Added "500 DP Capsule" to the "Donate Shop"

    - Added "4000 DP Capsule" to the "Donate Shop"

    - Added "8000 DP Capsule" to the "Donate Shop"


    - Removed City Decoration

    - Changes Strategic Point Model back to normal



    Version: ->






    - Added City Decoration

    - Changed Strategic Point Model to Chrismas Tree



    Version: ->


    - On the Fly


    - On the Fly


    - Fixed a Server Crash issue

    - Fixed a bug where mission kills were not been shared through the formation members


    - Splitted Killmark-Mark Energy in half Energy and half Shield

    - Reduced Killmark-Mark stats by half

    - Increased max Killmark Reward amount per player-kill per day from 20 up to 30


    - "Advanced Defense Device [7 Days]" is now tradeable


    - Started 7th Anniversary Event



    Version: ->


    - On the Fly


    - On the Fly


    - Fixed an Server Crash issue

    - Fixed Contour Collection Selection

    - Fixed Chat Macro behaviour at selecting and applying Messages

    - Fixed Warnings in the Dissolution Shop

    - Fixed an issue where booting 32 bit executables was not possible


    - Chat Macro textboxes shows now text correctly when typing bigger messages than the box width



    Version: ->






    - Map Ranking

    -- Staff can dynamically activate/deactivate Rankings on maps like on Warzone.


    - Improved Scroll List Render

    - Improved CrashSender


    - Fixed an crash related to the mail

    - Fixed scrolling mails

    - Fix Sound/Music slidebar size

    - Fixed an issue where the BigBoom did not explode in a specific condition

    - Fixed an issue where specific skills had longer cooldown as supposed

    - Fixed an issue in the Market Center


    - Added Usercounter tooltip with BCU and ANI percentage


    - Does not ask for startcity on new gears anymore if once choosen



    Version: ->


    - On The Fly


    - On The Fly


    - Fixed an issue where WP wasnt correctly received in specific conditions

    - Fixed an issue with the inventory

    - Fixed Crashsender on Windows 10

    - Fixed Skylevel Render in Formation List


    - Adding special items to the dissolution will give a warning



    Version: ->






    - Add "Register" function in Login Screen

    - Add "Password Forgot" function in Login Screen

    - Add Probability Information in "Factory"

    - Add SP and Fuel bar to the Formation Informations

    - Add Launcher Changelog button

    - Add Mark System

    -- Set Mark in the minimap as leader with alt+click

    -- Seen by everyone on the same map of the same nation

    -- Seen in the Worldmap

    - Add Usercounter on the top right corner

    - Added Prelauncher / Launcher scaling on Systems with custom DPI setting

    - Add "Font DPI" option to customize Font Scaling


    - Cleanup/Improve several functions

    - Cleanup FAQ System

    - Improved De-/Compression

    - Improved transfering huge network pakets

    - Improved Formation Info Management

    - Cleanup/Improve Client Time measurement and calculation

    - Cleanup/Improve Network Threading

    - Cleanup/Improve Resource Loading

    - Cleanup/Improve Quest Loading

    - Cleanup/Improve Effect Loading

    - Cleanup/Improve Shop/Building Management

    - Cleanup/Improve Effect Resources

    - Removed several unused/deprecated elements

    - Overworked Server 3D Engine


    - Fixed several Bugs

    - Fixed several Memory Leaks

    - Fixed several issues of the Server

    - Fixed several deadlocks of the Server

    - Fixed setting of resolution at startup for the first time

    - Fixed an issue where wrong cache elements were been deleted in specific conditions

    - Fixed a bug in the loading screen

    - Fixed loading of several Interface Images

    - Fixed a render issue of ban notifications

    - Fixed Textboxes on Gear Selection

    - Fixed a Memory Corruption when entering the gear selection in specific conditions

    - Fixed rendering Iteminfos in Whisper Chats

    - Fixed Whisper Chat behaviour at hiding interface

    - Fixed Crashreport information collect

    - Fixed Reattack FPS depedency

    - Fixed usage of multiple P.ET Sockets at the same time

    - Fixed "P.E.T." Notifications after Resolution change

    - Fixed Inventory Size Tooltip at specific conditions

    - Fixed Inventory opening when F10 lock is active

    - Fixed an Inventory sort issue at specific conditions

    - Fixed Level and SkyLevel refreshing for formation members

    - Fixed an selection bug in the "Return Auction"

    - Fixed an issue in the Transmogrify System

    - Fixed an issue in the Factory

    - Fixed an HP/Shield issue when changing Armors in specific conditions

    - Fixed an issue where expiring contours were not be deleted correctly in specific conditions

    - Fixed bug in rendering of time informations in specific conditions

    - Fixed an render issue of Particles in specific conditions

    - Fixed an issue of the probability information during enchanting in specific conditions

    - Fixed an issue with the result when used an effectcard in the "Factory"

    - Fixed an issue with the crashreport in specific conditions

    - Fixed an render issue of the Enemy Gearinfo Window

    - Fixed an issue where wrong SPI Informations are shown in the Laboratory in specific conditions

    - Fixed usage of item icons in several cases

    - Fixed an issue where dead gears could be locked

    - Fixed an issue on buying skills in specific conditons

    - Fixed a calculation issue with the nation balance system in specific conditions

    - Fixed a damage calculation issue in specific conditions

    - Fixed an issue where invalid damage values were been shown in the Gear Info in specific conditions

    - Fixed the mute function of the leader

    - Fixed connection issue in the "Arena"/"Infinity Field"

    - Fixed chat behaviour in the "Arena"/"Infinity Field"

    - Fixed an issue when having a disconnect in the "Arena"/"Infinity Field"

    - Fixed an render issue of the dice-system in the "Infinity Field"

    - Fixed an issue with the SP dead state of an specific map

    - Time-Messageboxes wont jump during refresh

    - Added SPI check when selling Items


    - Added "[Move Fix] Weapon Prefix" to "Donate Shop"

    - Added "[Move Fix] Weapon Suffix" to "Donate Shop"

    - Added "[Move Fix] Armor Prefix" to "Donate Shop"

    - Added "[Move Fix] Armor Suffix" to "Donate Shop"

    - Added "[Transmogrify] Weapon" to "Donate Shop"

    - Added "1000 DP Capsule" to "Warpoint Shop"

    - Added "WP Item Capsule" to "Warpoint Shop"

    - Added "Love for MG [1 Day]" to "Warpoint Shop"

    - Reduced Price of "Condensed T-Type Shield Kit" to 1000 DP

    - Reduced Price of "Condensed T-Type Energy Kit" to 1000 DP


    - Added "[Veil Contour] Heliopolis"

    - Added "[Defender Contour] Necropolis"

    - Added "[Guarder Contour] Hermopolis"

    - Added "[Binder Contour] Nightmare Indianapolis"


    - Reorganized Formation List window

    -- Seperated Level and GearType in the Formation List

    - Colored X/Y/Z values on the top right corner

    - Show when Ping was not successfull

    - Change Ping Tooltip position

    - "Return Auction" Button is now blinking at start

    - Colored Fuel-Bar green

    - Fuel-Bar will be orange or red colored depending on fuel state

    - Fuel-Bar blinks now more noticeable at low fuel

    - Inventory Favorites will be marked when weared


    - Added API Wrapper protection


    - Added Gear Select with "Enter"-Key

    - Advise the usage of Render Level 3 at startup for the first time

    - Pre-/Launcher has now a Windows Vista+ integrated Tasklist Loading Bar

    - Brigade Leader can register as Leader while owning a Outpost

    - Brigade Leader looses Outpost when elected as Nation Leader

    - Startprice in "Return Auction" depence on the item

    - Increase Itemname and Description lenght

    - Offline Formation members are now shown with grey bar and darker names

    - Messageboxes can now be removed with "ESC"-Key in the Login Menu

    - Preserving Formation Flight position when new players join the Formation Flight

    - OSD Overlay is now shown at ground for A-Gears

    - Improved Chat Block System

    - Sky-Fighter Client does flash now when receiving a whisper message

    - Provide correct informations at cooldown related notifications

    - Confirm a selection in the "Warp Shop" with "Enter"-Key or Double Click

    - Select the first Channel in the Channel Selection with "Enter"-Key

    - Buying Items for WP in the "Trade Center" requires now Level 125

    - Increased dice time up to 40 seconds for Items in the "Infinity Field"


    - Tweaked the translation of several Items

    - Sky-Fighter Repair Tool ensures correct Clientverison if files were been repaired



    Version: ->







    - Modified Preloading of frequently used Elements

    -- Improved loading of "Donate Shop"


    - Fixed Reattack issues

    - Fixed Warehouse Expansion Usage

    - Fixed permission issue with f10 lock

    - Fixed whisper in main chat

    - Fixed image creation issue in specific conditions


    - Improved server communication and login verfication



    Version: ->







    - Tweaked Minimap Render

    - Improved Time Measuring Technique


    - Fixed Token Machines

    - Fixed Inventory Usage in Tutorial Mode

    - Fixed "Mixing Info" search box

    - Fixed "Ignore User" text box

    - Fixed logout delay issue

    - Other various Bugfixes


    - Modified Reattack

    -- Fixed 3 Concept Issues


    - Added 6 new loading screens


    - New Developement Enviroment

    - New Compiler

    - New Sound Library



    Version: ->






    It has been 17 Months since our last milestone update.

    Today we are proud to present you Episode 5 on Sky-Fighter.

    This update mainly concentrates on the technical part of Sky-Fighter including major changes on the engine, bugfixes, performance, features and more.

    Please read this changelog carefully since new features and changes are listed and explained properly.



    - Item Link System

    -- Link items into the chat

    -- Alt+Click on item in the inventory and click on "Item Link" button

    -- On mouse hover item infos can be viewed

    - Login System

    -- Removed Login in Launcher

    -- Added Login Ingame

    -- Added "Password Save" function

    -- Added "Auto Login" function

    - Chat Communication System

    -- Click on chat message open a whisper window

    -- Only possible on persons you can whisper with in general

    - Option System

    -- Overworked loading, saving and validating

    -- Changed Option Window

    -- New Options:

    --- Resolution [Change Resolution ingame]

    ---- Added Multi Monitor suppot

    ---- Added system adjusted resolution

    --- Window Mode

    --- Render Level [Set the GFX usage - 3 is advised but not supported on old GFX]

    --- Texture Filter [Set the way object texture get rendered]

    --- Anisotropic Level [Set the sharpness of Anisotropic Filter setting]

    --- V Synch [Remove tearing [works only on full screen]]

    --- Triple Buffer [Improves performance when V-Synch is active]

    --- Low Quality [Set various options on a advised low value [Minimum Frame before]]

    --- Pirority Process [Tells windows to prioritize CPU and I/O operations for the process]

    -- Removed "Warp-Fix" Option since no multithreading issues exist anymore


    - Overworked Pre-Launcher

    - Overworked Launcher

    - Added several performance improvements

    - Added several stability improvements

    - Overworked Object generation/load/unload

    - Overworked Interface generation/load/unload

    - Overworked Game generation/load/unload

    - Overworked Thread synchronisation and communication

    - Overworked Core Engine Elements

    - Overworked DX Element Creation

    - Overworked DX Element Management

    - Combined Base DX Elements for multiple usage

    - Improve text resource caching system

    - Overworked lag compensation system

    - Improved and cleaned the Network system

    - Remove alot of unused elements and systems

    - Improved brigade mark loading


    - Adjusted reattack calculation [reducing the pirority of framebreaks]

    - Nation balance system is now activated and deactivated by the staff team


    - Added sound feedback on several interface elements

    - Preventing double focus on several input elements

    - Interface scroll position wont change when adding/removing items

    - Allow layer change of several windows which were been static before

    - Error message during gear creation and now more detailed

    - Adjusted gear scaling in inventory gear preview on big resolutions

    - Remove unused input system for asian characters


    - Fixed several Memory Leaks

    - Fixed several Bugs

    - Fixed several potential exploits

    - Fixed a formation related exploit

    - Fixed an issues in the TCP communication

    - Fixed monster "Shrine Laboratory" transaprency render

    - Fixed render of text without coloration

    - Dead gears wont fire rockets anymore

    - Cannot lock-on dead gears anymore

    - Fixed an issue where lock-on gears wont refresh its HP/Shield/SP stats

    - Fixed an issue during preloading game elements

    - Fixed a bug on wrong usage of transmogrify cards

    - Fixed bazaar log render

    - Fixed rendering colored names in arena

    - Fixed a small issue regarding "Ammunition Recharge Box"

    - Fixed a crash when the game close while factory is open

    - Fixed an issue where players of the previous map can be seen for a short period

    - Fixed a deadlock issue when using outpost shops without having a brigade

    - Minimizing Sky-Fighter wont result in a close anymore


    - Overworked "Bipin" Model

    - Overworked "Lithin" Model


    - Fixed "[Partner Contour] Communication"

    - Fixed "[Partner Contour] Defense"

    - Added "[Veil Contour] Sharp Harvard"

    - Added "[Defender Contour] Sharp Partizan"

    - Added "[Guarder Contour] Sharp Pole"

    - Added "[Binder Contour] Sharp Spitum"


    - Lock-on secondary sound is now coming every time

    - You cannot whisper other people while your whisper filter is activated

    - Misses on own gear and not shown anymore as "0"

    - Sky-Fighter Window and Taskbar Entry will start flashing when being not in focus in following cases:

    -- Receiving COH request

    -- Infinity-Field join request

    -- Arena-Team found notification

    -- Receiving damage



    Version: ->







    - Add killmark farming mission [available after "Hero of Sky-Fighter [25/25]"]


    - End Christmas Event



    Version: ->

    Start: [On The Fly - Update]






    - Added Christmas Decoration into the CIty

    - Changed Strategic Points to Christmas Trees



    Version: ->

    Start: [On The Fly - Update]






    - Fixed a issue with the Skill "Air Bombing Mode"

    - Fixed a crash on the "Burning Halloween Castle"



    Version: ->







    - Nation Balance System

    -- Dynamic Nation strenght calculation all 30 Minutes

    -- Provides scaled PVP-Buff for the inferior Nation

    -- Killing SP level 11 and higher provides a victory PVP-Buff for the stronger Nation


    - Overworked Formation System

    -- New Formation System Messages

    -- Additional checks of Formation Flight Mode

    - Overworked Interface Initalization

    - Improved Multithreading of 3D Model Loading

    - Overworked Skill System

    - Improved several internal systems

    - Removed several deprecated parts and cleanup

    - Improved Network handling of several Packets

    - Overworked 3D Model Management

    - Improved Memory Management

    - Improved Dissolution System

    - Improved Image Network Transfer

    - Improved Loading system on Mapchange


    - "Charged Protectors" cannot be target from the own nation.

    - Fixed several server issues/crashes

    - Fixed several client issues/crashes

    - Fixed Formation Skill description

    - Fixed multiple memory leaks

    - Fixed a clientside issue not refreshing HP/DP/SP/EP

    - Fixed a render issue in the Select Mode

    - Fixed a multithreading issue resulting in crashes

    - Fixed an issue blocking the Formation Flight

    - Fixed an issue where engine stats were been not refreshed correctly

    - Fixed an issue when using charms in specific conditions

    - Fixed usage of Gamma/Contrast settings

    - Fixed Object rendering when Hologram Card is active

    - Fixed Formation Damage sharing

    - Fixed a issue where the wrong Damage Value is shown as calculated

    - Fixed notification when entering Infinity Field

    - Whisper chat messages are now wrapped correctly

    - Main chat text is now highlighted when selected

    - No channel request anymore when only one Channel is available

    - Fixed issue where Contour Collection could not be updated

    - Fixed an issue where Item Icons are shown too small in specific conditions

    - Fixed several object generation and destroy

    - Fixed Auction Center initalization

    - Fixed Auction Center Currency Image Position

    - Fixed an issue where Enchanted Items disappear in specific conditions

    - Fixed the towning behaviour on relogging on specific maps

    - Fixed the shops in "Ash Lane"

    - Fixed an issue where hyper fixes are shown with white color in specific conditions

    - Fixed usage of skills with doubleclick

    - "Reduce Damage" Skill is now affected on the visual damage output


    - Formation Skills are now given with 6 or more players in a formation flight

    - Nation/Brigade COH cannot be used on players which are in fight

    - "Reduce Damage" Skill Effect is now split into primary and secondary weapon

    - "Air Bombing Mode" has now 80% Shield Reduce Ignore effect


    - Increased Main Chat Size

    - Fixed "Auction Finish" Message

    - Worldranking is now closing on takeoff

    - Throwing away a Enchanted Equiptment is now shown in red text

    - Overworked Item Name generation


    - Added "Character Name Change Card" to "Warpoint Shop" and "Donate Shop"


    - Overworked Formation System Messages

    - Tweaked Ping Frequency

    - Dead and falling Monsters collides now with 3d Models