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    - Stat Decrease Function

    -- only usable in town

    -- only for lv 1 to 124

    - Improved Launcher

    -- Now stays active when server is in maintenance

    -- Will notify the user if server gets active

    -- User-Counter get refreshed regulary

    -- Remove Pirority Process Option

    -- Simplified Mode selection into one dropdown box

    - Adding "Internet" ping next to "Server" Ping Tooltip

    -- will ping a server nearby players city

    --- Indicates local internet connection stability

    - Adding On-The-Fly Reload Support to several Server Systems

    - Overworked Reattack System

    -- Reattack is now System and FPS independend

    --- Every weapons shots now as intended

    -- Overworked Attack Animation handling


    - Improved several modules

    - Improved Quest loading

    - Overworked Threading

    -- Improved Threading communication

    - Overworked Network Paket Management

    - Support Conformant C++

    - Support SDL C++

    - Overworked alot of systems with C++17 programming style

    - Improved Shop/Warp-Shop content handling

    - Improved String generation on several Client Elements

    - Improved synchronisation at 3d objekt loading

    - Overworked Cryption System

    - Overworked Hashing System

    - Improved Effect Loading

    - Overworked Server 3D Collision handling/calculation


    - Fixed several bugs

    - Fixed several memory leaks

    - Fixed several deadlock issues

    - Fixed several multithreading issues

    - Fixed a memory corruption at a specific Interface interaction

    - Fixed a refresh issue of the Skillbar when changing items

    - Fixed the factory probability calculation at specific conditions

    - Fixed a issue at loading/reloading Quests

    - Fixed a client synchronisation Issue at login in specific conditions

    - Fixed Name Color usage in Leader Chat

    - Fixed Gear Speed during start at specific conditions

    - Fixed Quest-Monster-Kill share in formations

    - Fixed ItemInfo position at resolution change

    - Fixed Chat and Chat Filter handling

    - Fixed Skill Cancel if execution failed

    - Toggle skills wont get stuck anymore in specific conditions

    - Fixed Warp-Shop Position and handling areas

    - Fixed Kit usage in the IF/Arena at specific conditions

    - Fixed a visual issue where wrong stats were been calculated

    - Fixed an issue where target skills can be stuck in specific conditions


    - Warp Shop can now be selected with double click

    - Formation List shows now the location on mouse-overlay


    - Tweaked Network Compensation System

    - Improved Client Gear synchronisation

    - Increase Client shooting-direction refresh-rate

    - Booster time get reduced correctly during boosting trigger

    - Supply Shop has "Auto" set On by default

    - Formation Create has "Open Formation" set On by default

    - Formation Create has a random formation flight set by default

    - Crystal Order is now randomized each month

    - Increase/Decrease 5 stats at once by alt+click

    - Increase/Decrease 10 stats at once by ctrl+click


    - Increased B-Gear "Damage Reduce" Skill Standard up to 45%

    - Increased "Pride of Sky" Min/Max Damage up to 600~740

    - Increase "Charged Shot" cooldown up to 30 seconds


    - Added "NGC Weapon Capsule" to the "Part Shop"

    - Added "NGC Weapon Capsule" to the "Donate Shop"

    - Added "WP Item Capsule" to the "Donate Shop"

    - Added "500 DP Capsule" to the "Donate Shop"

    - Added "4000 DP Capsule" to the "Donate Shop"

    - Added "8000 DP Capsule" to the "Donate Shop"


    - Removed City Decoration

    - Changes Strategic Point Model back to normal