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    - Add "Register" function in Login Screen

    - Add "Password Forgot" function in Login Screen

    - Add Probability Information in "Factory"

    - Add SP and Fuel bar to the Formation Informations

    - Add Launcher Changelog button

    - Add Mark System

    -- Set Mark in the minimap as leader with alt+click

    -- Seen by everyone on the same map of the same nation

    -- Seen in the Worldmap

    - Add Usercounter on the top right corner

    - Added Prelauncher / Launcher scaling on Systems with custom DPI setting

    - Add "Font DPI" option to customize Font Scaling


    - Cleanup/Improve several functions

    - Cleanup FAQ System

    - Improved De-/Compression

    - Improved transfering huge network pakets

    - Improved Formation Info Management

    - Cleanup/Improve Client Time measurement and calculation

    - Cleanup/Improve Network Threading

    - Cleanup/Improve Resource Loading

    - Cleanup/Improve Quest Loading

    - Cleanup/Improve Effect Loading

    - Cleanup/Improve Shop/Building Management

    - Cleanup/Improve Effect Resources

    - Removed several unused/deprecated elements

    - Overworked Server 3D Engine


    - Fixed several Bugs

    - Fixed several Memory Leaks

    - Fixed several issues of the Server

    - Fixed several deadlocks of the Server

    - Fixed setting of resolution at startup for the first time

    - Fixed an issue where wrong cache elements were been deleted in specific conditions

    - Fixed a bug in the loading screen

    - Fixed loading of several Interface Images

    - Fixed a render issue of ban notifications

    - Fixed Textboxes on Gear Selection

    - Fixed a Memory Corruption when entering the gear selection in specific conditions

    - Fixed rendering Iteminfos in Whisper Chats

    - Fixed Whisper Chat behaviour at hiding interface

    - Fixed Crashreport information collect

    - Fixed Reattack FPS depedency

    - Fixed usage of multiple P.ET Sockets at the same time

    - Fixed "P.E.T." Notifications after Resolution change

    - Fixed Inventory Size Tooltip at specific conditions

    - Fixed Inventory opening when F10 lock is active

    - Fixed an Inventory sort issue at specific conditions

    - Fixed Level and SkyLevel refreshing for formation members

    - Fixed an selection bug in the "Return Auction"

    - Fixed an issue in the Transmogrify System

    - Fixed an issue in the Factory

    - Fixed an HP/Shield issue when changing Armors in specific conditions

    - Fixed an issue where expiring contours were not be deleted correctly in specific conditions

    - Fixed bug in rendering of time informations in specific conditions

    - Fixed an render issue of Particles in specific conditions

    - Fixed an issue of the probability information during enchanting in specific conditions

    - Fixed an issue with the result when used an effectcard in the "Factory"

    - Fixed an issue with the crashreport in specific conditions

    - Fixed an render issue of the Enemy Gearinfo Window

    - Fixed an issue where wrong SPI Informations are shown in the Laboratory in specific conditions

    - Fixed usage of item icons in several cases

    - Fixed an issue where dead gears could be locked

    - Fixed an issue on buying skills in specific conditons

    - Fixed a calculation issue with the nation balance system in specific conditions

    - Fixed a damage calculation issue in specific conditions

    - Fixed an issue where invalid damage values were been shown in the Gear Info in specific conditions

    - Fixed the mute function of the leader

    - Fixed connection issue in the "Arena"/"Infinity Field"

    - Fixed chat behaviour in the "Arena"/"Infinity Field"

    - Fixed an issue when having a disconnect in the "Arena"/"Infinity Field"

    - Fixed an render issue of the dice-system in the "Infinity Field"

    - Fixed an issue with the SP dead state of an specific map

    - Time-Messageboxes wont jump during refresh

    - Added SPI check when selling Items


    - Added "[Move Fix] Weapon Prefix" to "Donate Shop"

    - Added "[Move Fix] Weapon Suffix" to "Donate Shop"

    - Added "[Move Fix] Armor Prefix" to "Donate Shop"

    - Added "[Move Fix] Armor Suffix" to "Donate Shop"

    - Added "[Transmogrify] Weapon" to "Donate Shop"

    - Added "1000 DP Capsule" to "Warpoint Shop"

    - Added "WP Item Capsule" to "Warpoint Shop"

    - Added "Love for MG [1 Day]" to "Warpoint Shop"

    - Reduced Price of "Condensed T-Type Shield Kit" to 1000 DP

    - Reduced Price of "Condensed T-Type Energy Kit" to 1000 DP


    - Added "[Veil Contour] Heliopolis"

    - Added "[Defender Contour] Necropolis"

    - Added "[Guarder Contour] Hermopolis"

    - Added "[Binder Contour] Nightmare Indianapolis"


    - Reorganized Formation List window

    -- Seperated Level and GearType in the Formation List

    - Colored X/Y/Z values on the top right corner

    - Show when Ping was not successfull

    - Change Ping Tooltip position

    - "Return Auction" Button is now blinking at start

    - Colored Fuel-Bar green

    - Fuel-Bar will be orange or red colored depending on fuel state

    - Fuel-Bar blinks now more noticeable at low fuel

    - Inventory Favorites will be marked when weared


    - Added API Wrapper protection


    - Added Gear Select with "Enter"-Key

    - Advise the usage of Render Level 3 at startup for the first time

    - Pre-/Launcher has now a Windows Vista+ integrated Tasklist Loading Bar

    - Brigade Leader can register as Leader while owning a Outpost

    - Brigade Leader looses Outpost when elected as Nation Leader

    - Startprice in "Return Auction" depence on the item

    - Increase Itemname and Description lenght

    - Offline Formation members are now shown with grey bar and darker names

    - Messageboxes can now be removed with "ESC"-Key in the Login Menu

    - Preserving Formation Flight position when new players join the Formation Flight

    - OSD Overlay is now shown at ground for A-Gears

    - Improved Chat Block System

    - Sky-Fighter Client does flash now when receiving a whisper message

    - Provide correct informations at cooldown related notifications

    - Confirm a selection in the "Warp Shop" with "Enter"-Key or Double Click

    - Select the first Channel in the Channel Selection with "Enter"-Key

    - Buying Items for WP in the "Trade Center" requires now Level 125

    - Increased dice time up to 40 seconds for Items in the "Infinity Field"


    - Tweaked the translation of several Items

    - Sky-Fighter Repair Tool ensures correct Clientverison if files were been repaired