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    - Prison System

    -- Getting kicked if inactive

    -- Staying offline will not reduce the timer

    -- Receives no DP or RGA

    - Mute System

    -- Staying offline will not reduce the timer


    - Updated Cryption Enviroment


    - Bullets/Missiles are now automatically reloaded when "Ammunition Recharge Box" is in the Inventory

    - Fixed the requirement checks of buff items

    - Fixed walking in FreeSKA and Conference Rooms

    - Strategic Points wont spawn anymore close-timed to a Frontbase War

    - Mothership send attack warning when attacked with GBM/ABM

    - Mothership cannot be damaged anymore with GBM/ABM while "Anti-Ninja Card" is active

    - Fixed color reset of speaker messages

    - Fixed buff apply and release

    - Fixed showing invalid slots in the "Mixing Info"

    - Fixed loading of multiple brigade infos at the same time

    - Bosses gives now a reward for the last hit

    - Fixed Subleader remove during Nation Reset

    - Fixed an issue resulting in a crash of the server

    - Fixed several client issues/crashes

    - Fixed Formation Skill description


    - FBW System Modify

    -- First Protector is now "Charged-Protector" with significant more HP, Defense and Evasion

    -- Second Protector will be like usual

    - Charm System

    -- Can only use 3 Fight-Relevant charms at the same time

    -- Charms counting as Fight-Relevant has a red time coloration

    -- Delete running charms by Double-Click on the charm

    -- Delete warning can be disabled in the option window

    - Formation Skills are now given with 6 or more players in a formation flight

    - Nation Buff "Blessing of Nation" changed from Attack to Pierce and Probability

    - Removed speed and distance effect of "Hologram Card"

    - "Call of Hero" cannot be used on players which are in fight

    - Changed "Energizing Field" to "PowerUp Field"

    -- Cooldown increased to 7 seconds

    -- Heals 780 Shield

    -- Creates a buff in range which grants 10% Attack, 5% Evasion and 5% Defense for 5 seconds

    - "Raging Fire" "Raging Defense" "Raging Evasion" are not shared anymore in the formation

    - Reduce Attack of "Raging Fire" by 10%

    - Reduce Defense of "Raging Defense" by 5%

    - Reduce Evasion of "Raging Evasion" by 5%

    - Reduce cooldown of "Purify" down to 150 seconds

    - IG "Evasion Up" increased by 15%

    - AG "Defense Up" increased by 10%

    - BG "Defense Up" increased by 10%

    - BG "Evasion Up" increased by 10%

    - IG Boss Armor "Serapia Binder" Probability and Pierce increased to 5% and Evasion to 32%


    - Leader/Outpost Chat now shows the name next to the rank

    - Overworked "Call of Hero" Message including mapname and channel

    - Improved messages of already using items

    - Privacity setting are now applied on the HP/Shield bar of enemys

    - Privacity setting "Brigade" is now hiding your brigade logo


    - Removed "Character Name Change Card"


    - NGC SPs does not block Arena, Infinity Field and Warzone anymore

    - Increased View-Range of monsters and players by 50%

    - "Pride of Sky" is now tradeable

    - "Biohazard Veil" is now tradeable

    - "Organ of Death" is now tradeable

    - "Devilscreature" is now tradeable

    - "Peacemaker" is now tradeable

    - "Coolwater" is now tradeable

    - "Juice of God" is now tradeable

    - Improved Anti-Hacking mechanisms