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    - Cleanup/Remove unused/deprecated Interface parts

    - Cleanup/Remove unused/deprecated Server/Client functions

    - Improved 3D Model convert


    - Changed bottom right main menu buttons on mouse hover/click


    - Overworked Minimap System

    - Added 10 EP2 Characters as new selectable characters


    - Fixed buggy position calculations of the Minimap

    - Fixed a issue where Formation/Brigade Gears were been invisible on the border of the Minimap

    - Fixed the freeze issue of ItemInfo

    - Fixed the animation speed reset on character change

    - Fixed a issue with std. weapon contour cards

    - Fixed the position calculation of mark when switching from gear to character mode

    - Fixed a issue where huge speaker messages could result in a crash

    - Fixed boss rewards on channel 1 and above

    - Set Quest "END..ING" to formation share


    - Gears base HP do base now on their level


    - The preselected character on gear creation is now randomly choosen