• Official Post

    Date: 28.05.2021


    - Combat/Safe Channel Maps

    -- Provide the same map with a combat zone such as safe zones

    -- Channel 0 (Combat Zone) available for both nations

    -- Remaining channels (Safe Zones) are equally separated between ANI/BCU


    - Monster Server boots up significantly faster

    -- Faster Monster spawn in the first batch


    - Fixed an issue with the LMS and LNS participant detection

    - Fixed unloading all boss marks on the minimaps when Monster Server restarts

    - Fixed an issue causing Conquest Cores not to spawn

    - Fixed an issue where Conquest Cores could softlock in specific conditions

    - Fixed an issue causing nametags to be viewable in Warzone

    - Fixed an exploit allowing to see enemy names in Warzone


    - Merged both Watermelon Island maps into one containing 1 Combat Zone and 2 Safe Zones for each nation

    - Extended Barrenland with 1 Safe Zone for each nation

    - Added regular Defense and Evasion Cards to Nubark Cave Goldie Monsters

    - Added missing Safe Zones to Redline, Sunken City and Crystal Cave

    - Reduced respawn time of Watermelon X Boss


    - Improved On-The-Fly updates allowing more game elements to be changed