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    - Adding "/Countdown [Second]" command for Leader/Staff

    -- Automatically starts a countdown on the same map such as all linked maps e.g. for gate rushs

    - Adding "/CountdownAll [Second]" command for Leader/Staff

    -- Similar to the other, but on all maps except cities

    - Adding "/Countdownstop" command for Leader/Staff

    -- Aborts running countdown

    - Gears on war-maps have a dead notification with a 30 second timer

    - Gears being AFK outside of town for more than 2 hours will get disconnected

    - Users Killcount on Monster/Gears are now cached up to 30 minutes

    - Assist Kill

    -- WP is shared with all participants

    -- Killmark is rewarded to the one with killing shot

    - Collision Damage is now applied during PVP

    -- The recent attacker gets the kill if died of collision


    - Added several Improvements

    - Improved Server Infrastructure

    -- Overworked Server Object Handling like Monsters/Users

    - Further improvement of Threading and Synchronisation

    - Overworked Server Database communication

    -- New threading/synchronisation approaches

    -- New validation/errorhandling

    - Improved Random Generator

    - Ensure usage of STD functions

    - Removed several unused functions

    - Improved Collision Checks for rockets

    - Overworked Effect/Object management

    - Automatic Detection/Validation of on-the-fly Patches

    - Overworked usage of several DirectX Types

    - Overworked Object Synchonisation approaches

    - Improved Animation Timing Algorithm

    - Improved Character Model management


    - Overworked Network System

    -- Using new Cryption Techniques

    -- Using crypted Session Key Exchange

    -- Improved handling of multiple messages

    -- Overworked Opcode Management

    - Replaced Algorithms behind several Hashing/Crypting functions

    - Tweaked Sky-Fighter Hackshield


    - Fixed several bugs/crashes

    - Fixed Return Auction System

    - Fixed trading of specific item kinds/counts

    - Empty whisper messages wont trigger a Notification anymore

    - Fixed Mass-COH

    - Fixed repeated primary shot in specific condition

    - Fixed startposition on Tutorial Map

    - Fixed an crash at specific condtions of the inventory

    - Fixed an truncation issue of the chat

    - Fixed Whisper Chat minimize button

    - Fixed mail reading

    - Fixed Anisotropic Level at Low Quality

    - When changing the map, user of previous map wont be seen anymore incorrectly.

    - Improved/cleaned Skill management

    - Fixed an issue of target skills

    - Warehouse Scrollbar position fixed after changing resolution

    - Fixed Trade Center shown remaining time

    - Fixed Sp recovery when statting spirit

    - Fixed camera movement at takeoff

    - Fixed a bug where Skill Socket usage could cause a crash

    - Users will now instantly see spawning monsters on a new booting Monster Server

    - Fixed Sound spam on multitarget skill

    - Fixed a issue where monsters warp through the map with incorrect model

    - Fixed an exploit allowing to move during Rolling

    - Ranking is rendered correctly after resolution change


    - Return Auction / Market Center will show now correct Itemnames

    - P.E.T.s Sockets are now currently rendered

    - Inventory Item Amounts are now shorten

    -- -> 1B

    -- 1.000.000 -> 1M

    -- 1.000 -> 1K

    - Ensure correct usage of all 6 gear-stats in Select/Create/Info Window

    - Create Gears now with Enter Key

    - Improved handling of messages / timed messages

    - Level/SkyLevel are now correctly updated in the Brigade Infos


    - Improved Water Texture generation/usage


    - Booster is correctly starting/ending it's sound effect during boost.

    - Using newest Windows SDK

    - Using new Compiler

    - Using new Cryption Software