• Official Post

    Date: 23.04.2021


    - Added a #💰daily-reward channel where you can receive once a day free WP/DP by posting .LoveSF

    -- Requires the Discord Account being linked with the Sky-Fighter Account

    -- When the Discord Account is boosting Sky-Fighter Discord Server the rewards are doubled :slight_smile:

    -- Daily Reset is 6:00 o'clock like daily mission


    - Added visual feedback when adding/swapping Skills/Items to the skillbar


    - Rockets/Bullets will now disappear when reaching heights beyond the map limitation


    - Limited the amount of sounds being played when being spammed

    -- Should fix freeze/crash related issues regarding the sound effects

    - Fixed an issue where *MG *formation skill cooldown reset was not applied when being purified in specific situations

    - Fixed various issues in the Discord integration

    -- Linking Sky-Fighter Account with Discord Account should work smooth now

    - Fixed an exploit regarding the camera position

    - Fixed a bug which allowed opening Brigade Warehouse without Membership

    - Fixed an issue loosing current Daily Mission after Server Restart

    - Fixed issues where users may visually appeared with AG barrier effect


    - When recalling an Item in the Trade Center up to 30 minutes after register you get your submitting fee back

    - MG Formation Skill cooldown now persist after relogging

    - The blue Anti-Rocket aura from bosses now also affects rockets being shot from BG ABM/GBM

    - Killing players in Warzone now grants regular WP reward

    - Killing players in Warzone now counts towards the daily PVP counter

    - Killing players in Warzone now refill Bullets/Rockets/SP/Fuel by a small amount.


    - Strategic Point AOE Attack Range reduced by half

    - Legendary Edrill Min/Max Damage increased by 16