• Official Post

    Date: 08.03.2021

    - Adding DPI Awareness allowing players who use windows scaling to decide if their game should be upscaled by the OS or not (Check info button for further information)

    - Tweaked Partner Skill placing into Skill Socket
    - Pet Socket rectable sizes (for inserting) fixed
    - Market/Ranking/Listbox selected item is now shown in Bold
    - Changed Trade Center message boxes when registering items for easier double checking.

    - AGs cannot initiate landing when hovering over a monster
    - AGs cannot place on the "ground" of maps without ground like Chaos and Fantasy flow.
    - Hypergambles are now tradeable
    - Increased Conquest Core Warpoint reward
    - When a downgrade fails it wont go down 2 enchant anymore in special conditions.
    - Added Infinity Field Drop auto accept option (Misc Category)

    - Added Stat Change Card to Donate Shop
    - Moved Stat Reset Card and Part Reset Card to Part Shop
    - Added combined charms (5H) to Donate Shop
    - Added fallback to base resolution if selected resolution is not available
    - Fixed Leader Election List
    - Fixed Crashes when using Textboxes
    - Fixed Hackshield false positives
    - Fixed Tradecenter responsiveness
    - Fixed Tradecenter auctionlist
    - Fixed Whisperchat scrollwheel area
    - Fixed character caching update when relogging
    - Fixed font refresh on update
    - Fixed PET Socket spam causing various issues
    - Added missing Level check of warp portals
    - Fixed Crashes when inserting items to Trade Center or Laboratory
    - Tradecenter keeps enchantcount when equiptment was sold
    - Fixed HP Balance Bar when relogging into a map with NGC SP or CC
    - Fixed Blessing of Deca regeneration
    - Attempt to fix dead formations
    - Fixed Mission Master rewards
    - Fixed Tradecenter max enchant filter

    - Remastered the remaining Music/Voice tracks

    - Tweaked Leader Election Discord Notification