• Official Post

    Date: 29.04.2021


    - Replaced Killmark System

    -- Killmarks are gained by killing a enemy gear lv 90 and above

    -- Killmark Fragments are gained by assisting in the takedown

    -- Killmark Fragments are gained passively as MG when formation members gain a Killmark

    -- 7 Killmark Fragments can be combined to a regular Killmark

    -- Killmarks can be exchanged to various items and goodies in the cities Killmark Shop

    -- Players in the same household wont be able to receive Killmarks from each other

    - Mod Converter tool added for easier conversion from existing mods into Sky-Fighter Mods

    -- 1. Move your desired mod .obj files into the Res-Eff/Mod or Res-Obj/Mod folder

    -- 2. Select and Drag&Drop the Mod files into the ModConverter.exe file placed in the same directory.

    -- 3. New folders with content are created if successful - you can delete the .obj mod files afterwards


    - Monster HP Bar now also shows the current HP% value

    - Gift Button is now hidden during flight

    - IF-Items cooldown is now shown more compact


    - Increased base warpoint given by defeated enemy player by 5.


    - Fixed the HD Texture of a Model in Stones Ruins

    - Fixed further issues causing discord cache to be cleaned

    - Fixed a crash caused by IF-Items

    - Gears are now again automatically removed from brigades when being deleted

    - Fixed a issue causing skills having a huge cooldown time after relogging

    - Countdown Command of the nation leader is now properly sent to the corresponding nation.


    - Missions cannot be started/ended while being in PVP