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    You can also check our User Guides if you wish to find game play or item related informations.

    Q1: I cannot install the game due to a virus warning.


    Step 1: Create a folder on your drive, maybe call it SF.

    Step 2: Use this tutorial for Windows Defender.

    *If you are using another anti virus you have to google by yourself how to do an exclusion!

    Step 3: Copy the installer into that folder, then start the installation into the SAME FOLDER!

    Q2: Can I play with my account on another PC?

    Yes you can! But be aware that there can be only ONE account per PC!
    Example: You log in to your friend's computer with YOUR account, he can NO LONGER log in with HIS OWN account on his PC.

    Q3: Am I allowed to grind AFK?

    We do not allow AFK Grinding. A user should react when whispered to - but we give them 2 min time to reply because some of them are multitasking.

    Q4: How does the Anti Virus warning come about?

    Q5: Can I enchant a Legendary item?

    Q6: What are the enchanting rates? What about legendary upgrade rates?

    Q7: Are the breakpoints same as other servers?


    No, as seen in the following quotes, breakpoints were reworked over time in Sky-Fighter. Every percent matters.


    - Adjusted reattack calculation [reducing the pirority of framebreaks]

    - Overworked Reattack System

    -- Reattack is now System and FPS independend

    --- Every weapons shots now as intended

    -- Overworked Attack Animation handling

    Q8: How can I link my Discord to Sky-Fighter or get an ANI/BCU role in the Discord server?


    Click the Discord icon on the top right corner of your game. Follow the instructions given. Once finished, you should log out entirely and log in. The role will then be given.

    It might be necessary to leave the SF Discord Server prior to linking.