• Official Post

    Date: 14/07/2021

    Thank you for your patience.

    With this patch, we declare Sky-Fighter New Journey as officially released

    This also means we will put more effort into getting rid of the false positive detection of antivirus systems by contacting the respective company behind it.


    - Monthly Fame
    -- Increases identical to regular Fame
    -- Is reset to 0 with each Leader Election
    -- Used as requirement for different activity
    --- Requires 200 Monthly Fame to candidate as Leader
    --- Requires 50 Monthly Fame to vote for a Leader

    - World Ranking
    -- Separated into User and Brigade Ranking
    -- User Ranking:
    --- Level category now also sorts by Sky-Level
    --- Added Monthly Fame category
    -- Brigade Ranking:
    --- Added Fame category
    --- Added Monthly Fame category
    -- The own Ranking in now displayed for all categories

    - International Chat =
    -- Similar to the Global Chat
    -- All kind of languages are allowed in there
    -- Can be disabled in the bottom right chat filter settings

    - Paymentwall as Payment Provider
    -- Offers various payment methods like PaySafeCard, Mobile, Bank Transfer based on your Country
    -- Until 20.07.2021 you can get 10% off by using the one-time coupon SF-RELEASED

    - Fasterpay as Payment Provider
    -- Added 10% Bonus on Donate Points to all transactions


    - Added Boss Armor Box to bosses
    -- Contains one random Boss Armor

    - Added Boss Armor Upgrade Box to goldies
    -- Contains one random item required to upgrade Boss Armors

    - Added recipes to upgrade Boss Armor
    -- Boss Armors can be upgraded from base to V3
    -- Amount of Upgrade items affects the success rate

    - Added new weapon recipes
    -- Requires E14 Hyperfix Legend Weapon
    -- Will result in:
    --- Demon Gatling
    --- Claw of Death
    --- Shining Star
    --- Red Thunder


    - Improved the Mixing Info search process

    - Improved handling of errors notified by server

    - Improved and cleaned the Character Info window
    -- Fixed misaligned window elements

    - Improved and cleaned the World Ranking
    -- Fixed misaligned window elements


    - Fixed an issue where the Discord integration might not have initialized properly

    - Fixed an issue where the Election results notification might be truncated instead of rounded

    - Fixed an issue causing rockets shot by an enemy gear not to show up in specific situations

    - Fixed an issue causing the interaction area of the World Ranking to be calculated incorrectly

    - Fixed an issue where locked buttons could lose their state

    - Fixed an exploit allowing to use the inventory during Skill-Movement.

    - Fixed issues causing skills to get into a bugged state when used by the P.E.T. Skill Socket in specific network conditions

    - Fixed issues causing skills to get into a bugged state when removed by purify and instantly recast

    - Tweaked the skill cooldown management for users with bad network


    - Increased inability to use Warp-Portal or Mission-Warps after being in PVP up to 10 seconds (was 5 seconds)
    - The cooldown of charging skills will now be properly update if the process was interrupted


    - When purified, cleansed skills will become unusable for 1 second

    - Reduced cooldown of MG Purify Skill to 4 minutes (was 5 minutes)

    - Reduced Missile Damage of MG Missile Shot by 2%

    - Reduced Missile Damage of MG Elevation by 2%

    - Reduced BG Reduce Damage cooldown down to 120 seconds (was 180 seconds)

    - Reduced BG Reduce Damage duration down to 60 seconds (was 120 seconds)

    - Reduced AG Ground Acceleration Speed down to 170% (was 200%)


    - Enchant costs of non-enchantable items won't be requested anymore in the Laboratory

    - Fixed an issue where mixing info recipes might be shown duplicated

    - Factory result previews are more accurate
    -- Will also show applied Enchants/Fixes
    -- Will also show applied Contours/Effects

    - Improved the Factory notifications
    -- Multiple notifications can be shown the same time
    -- Will explicit notify if the result will contain the Enchants/Fixes of the base

    - Candidate as leader will now give more precise feedback if requirements are missing

    - Vote for a leader will now give more precise feedback if requirements are missing

    - System notifications of skill usage is now more accurate.
    -- Shows Skill-Info on mouseover.


    - Added "Purify Protect Card" to WarPoint Shop and Donate Shop
    -- When this item is active, you won't lose MG-Formation-Buffs when being purified.
    -- Other skills will be cleansed regularly

    - Added Mega-Shield Generator (Boss-XL) to Warpoint Shop
    -- Can only be used when wearing a Boss Armor

    - Added Carbon Intensification Coating (Boss-XL) to Warpoint Shop
    -- Can only be used when wearing a Boss Armor

    - Added Level-Up Boost Capsule to Donate Shop
    -- Grants 1 Level Up (100% Experience of the current level)
    -- Usable from level 10 to 99

    - Premium Level Memberships now grants Power Leveling Set Plus (5H)
    -- Gives 50% EXP/DROP/SPI for 5H

    - Added 2 Months Premium Membership to Donate Shop

    - Removed the Regeneration Premium variation from Donate Shop

    - Added 30%, 40%, 50% Enchant Chance Upgrade Cards to Donate Shop

    - Added Swift Enchant Cards
    -- Instantly upgrades equipment from e0 to e10 with a specific card


    - Added Sodom FBW time to the Discord Stats

    - Improved Mixing Info recipes management for advanced combination possibility

    Manual Patch:
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