• Official Post

    Date: 02.06.2021

    Automatically updated with client restart


    - Modding supports model replacements for effects

    -- Increases compatibility with existing mods

    -- Already converted mods are still compatible


    - Fixed an issue where boss spawn notifications of channel 1+ would not be displayed

    - Fixed an exploit where GBM rockets would fly without hitting the target

    - Fixed an issue where dying in specific conditions would place you on the maps border

    - Fixed an issue causing nametags to be viewable in warzone

    - Fixed an issue causing gears not to lose speed as penalty for rolling

    - Fixed an issue where buying an item in the trade center might result in crashes

    - Fixed an issue where messageboxes on the login screen caused a crash

    - Fixed an issue where bullets/rockets from enemies originated all from the same position


    - Improved the gear synchronisation and lag compensation

    -- More accurate gear positions of enemies

    -- More accurate rocket chasing during high-speed fights

    - Gears on FFA maps share the same appearance based on their gear type