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    [Content Related]

    - Tray notifications on admin notices

    - Tray notifications when someone whisper you the first time

    - Added a small timer to the Strategic Point Manager

    - Added a big timer on maps when a "Strategic Point" is running

    - Added "Strategic Point of Maelstorm Desert" in "Maelstrom Desert"

    - Added "Infected Crystal" Crystal System in "Infected Area"

    - Added "Ruined Crystal" Crystal System in "Ruined City"

    - Removed the [Rage] mode of "NGC Co-Leader" in "Violet Cave"

    - Added "NGC Leader" boss as random spawn on kill of "Heavy Coated Energy Core" in "Mirny Pit"

    - Added 4 new missions in "Mirny Pit"

    [Performance / Visual Related]

    - The flame flicker effect of "Black Robot" is reduced

    [Balance Related]

    - Reduced the Warpoint Reward of "NGC Strategic Point" in "Floating Lake" from 600 to 300

    - Reduced the Warpoint Reward of "NGC Mothership" in "NGC Marine Laboratory" from 600 to 300

    - Reduced the attack radius of "RM-230"


    - Fixed the respawn time of "NGC Quetzalcoatl"

    - Fixed a time calculation bug on the popups by boss spawns

    - Fixed a bug making it the Leader able to take over an [Outpost War].

    - Fixed several bugs causing crashes (some of them are experimental)


    - Updated the debugging information collector library

    - HP preview of Mothership and Strategic Point System has now a accuracy of 100 steps instead of 10 steps

    - Added Antivirus license to our main executables for less false positive issues