Shutdown Announcement

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    • Shutdown Announcement

      Greetings. You may have wondered why many of the Sky-Fighter staff members recently haven't been as active as before.
      Unfortunately internal issues arose in the team lead during the last few years.
      Community manager Breal reduced his activity more and more.
      We assume that this is mostly related to changes and problems in his private life but it also seems like he lost his interest in Sky-Fighter.
      The current situation is so bad that no one of our team is able to contact him any more which leaves Banhammer and me with a task we can not fulfil alone.
      Breal was in charge of managing our infrastructure, provider, and legal contracts.
      Without him we are unable to apply any changes or updates in this regard.
      Being hindered in their work, morale and investment of the rest of the team also declined to a minimum.
      After careful consideration I now see no other option than to close Sky-Fighter.
      On Friday 28th February 2020 we are going to shut down the Servers.
      Ending the project, I worked on for 11 years is a very hard choice for me as well.

      Time will tell what is going to happen.
      Maybe Breal finds his way back.
      Maybe I find a way to continue without him.
      But for now, I have to take a step back.

      We will see each other again in the next game.
      - Server Admin Fame