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      - Fixed movement behaviour of monster "Scavenger"
      - Set the ground speed of Engine "Hellfire" to 170
      - Fixed the remove of monsters on start of Strategic Points
      - Overworked Server loops with a new system
      - Fixed Guild refresh issues
      - Fixed some issues resulting in the crash of the Arena/Infinity-Field Server
      - Fixed alot of issues which may result in crashes or "bluebug"
      - Fixed crashes related to network delays
      - Overworked the 3D-Object loading system
      - Added multithreading system and moved the loading system to its own thread
      - Improved the Loading Pirority System
      - Added a Preload Feature
      - Improved the loadingbar on mapchanges - it is now accurate
      - Improved the object render by using a slightly faster system
      - We have hide particually/fully invisible monsters in the game, be the first one reporting us these for a small reward ;)

      - Framedrops and Clientfreezes due to issues on loading of 3D-Models while playing are removed.
      - Unless before, every required 3D model is now loaded in the loading screen which makes the startup smoother and reduces framedrops.

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